Nick Pourazima

Acoustic | Audio | DSP | Electrical | Hardware | Software Engineer


Experienced engineer with a strong background in digital signal processing, software development, and acoustics. Proficient in a wide range of programming languages and technologies.

Work Experience

Technical Lead

LufCo | 08/22 - Present

Serving as Technical Lead for the ShotAlert gunshot detection program, overseeing development, implementation, and optimization of innovative technologies to accurately identify and locate gunshots, enhancing public safety and enabling swift response times.

DSP Engineer / Software Developer

Lead engineer on a spectrum surveying project, focusing on full signal chain pipeline for wideband receiver archival and analysis.

  • Programmed NVIDIA GPU using CUDA for fast PSD streaming.
  • Combined RGPS UDP stream with pre-d data as MIDAS bluefiles to accommodate dearchival requests.
  • Utilized ZMQ load-balancing for constant parameterization/deinterleaval of pre-d stream.
  • Built GNU Radio OOT Module to support Xmidas file types.

Audio Software Engineer

Developed a suite of audio metrics using Python for the Portal product line, enabling deeper vocal analytics.

Hardware Engineer II

Designed a prototype to measure the HRTF from the ground up.

  • Obtained full safety compliance (acoustic, biocompatibility, electronic).
  • Lead inventor on two patents.
  • Built a PDM to AES MEMS digital audio converter PCB board in Altium, which has since ramped up to full-scale production and is utilized in a capture space.

Acoustic Engineer

Worked as part of a small agile-run research team on cutting-edge 3D Audio applications and innovative technologies.

  • Conducted soundfield reconstruction research and large-scale audio test and measurement deployment.

Audio Engineer

Carnegie Mellon University | 08/16 - 08/18

Set up, recorded, and mixed live concerts, ensembles, small groups, and private auditions throughout CMU theaters and off-site venues.

  • Gained experience in microphone recording techniques and live mixing.

Technical Sales Engineer

Rohde & Schwarz | 07/13 - 07/16

Consulted technical solutions for 5G and other leading-edge projects at Qualcomm, San Diego, tailoring test and measurement equipment to their requirements.

  • Established automation methods and crafted new tools to streamline the sales process.
  • Conducted demonstrations and presentations tailored to customer requirements.
  • Gained in-depth knowledge of RF and other bench-top equipment, including radio base station emulators, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, and oscilloscopes.

Firmware Test Engineer

Western Digital | 07/11 - 07/13

Drafted test plans and procedures per specifications of the branded product line (NAS, routers, WDTV), bringing up these products from initial spec to final deployment.

  • Managed projects and automated testing for all new online services on WDTV product line.


Haptic Metronome

Graduate Thesis @CMU

Developed a haptic metronome wearable device to fill the space between beats and provide a more meaningful gestural system than typical audible metronomes.

Prototyped a wearable device and app for sharing moods with loved ones, promoting emotional awareness.

Sound Design - Phipps Conservatory: Butterfly Lounge

Experimental Sound Synthesis @CMU

Created a dynamic sound environment tracking butterfly flight via motion sensors at Phipps Conservatory, attracting over 125,000 visitors.

Founder - New Age Baby Monitor

Senior Design Project @UCI

Created a low-cost, multi-sensor wearable baby monitor for SIDS risk factors using Arduino Fio with Xbee radios, an electret mic, accelerometer, and temperature sensor to monitor baby positioning and vitals.